1. What is web hosting?

Web hosting helps a registrant to establish a domain name, leases a block of server space and uploads their webpage. Very quickly, anybody with a connection to the internet can start browsing the site. A domain name provides the address of the server, while the server is a rented space into which the data that make up the webpage is stored. This process is known as delegation - the domain name points to the particular hosting account on the particular server.

2. What are the Services you offer in web hosting?

A good web hosting service like xmedia provides a number of high quality services and even proactively works to identify and correct issues before they occur. As a reliable and trusted hosting company, xmedia offers dedicated customer and technical support staff that are available day or night. We will work with you to ensure a streamlined and efficient service.

3. I want to register a domain and hosting account with you. How do I do that? Pls let me know how to make the payment?

If you already have a list of domain names you want to purchase, and they don’t require reconfiguration, you can use our bulk registration process. To register a list of domain names, log in. In the "Domains" menu, click "Bulk Tools" and then click "Register Domains in bulk". In the "Domains to Register" text box, type in the domain names you want to register. Complete the rest of the form and click "Add To Cart". Click "Go to my cart". Double-check the contents of the cart and then click "Checkout Now". Select the "Terms and Conditions" check box and click "Submit Order".

4. What is a domain name?
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5. What is domain name renewal?

When you register a domain name, you gain exclusive rights to that domain name for a period of time but not forever. It’s more like a lease than a purchase. In effect, renewing extends your lease on the domain name.

6. How do I register a domain name?

Log in and search for a domain name or a premium domain. When you find a domain name you want that is available, select the check box next to it and click "Add to Cart". Select any services you want to add to your domain name. Double-check the contents of the shopping cart to make sure it contains the items you want to purchase, and then click "Checkout Now". Select the "Terms and Conditions" check box and click "Submit Order".

7. What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a type of hosting where many web sites are contained on a single server. Each of the websites shares the resources (disk space, data transfer, CPU, etc.) available through that server. Users predominantly have control panel (Plesk, cPanel, etc.) access to their web hosting account, but do not have root level access to the server their account is on. Overall management and maintenance of the server is the responsibility of the web host.

8. Why should I choose shared hosting?

Shared hosting is particularly useful for people who have small to moderate sized websites that do not require masses of server resources. Sites that are ‘mission critical’ (commercial and other sites) often benefit from VPS or dedicated hosting.

9. What are the benefits of shared hosting?

The key advantage of shared hosting is cost. Given that a number of websites share a server, the cost of maintenance is shared between a numbers of accounts. This brings end user costs down considerably.

10. If I use a web host that runs UNIX will Windows users be able to see my website?

Yes. Because the website will send out information using standard languages (HTML, XML) that a browser like Internet Explorer or FireFox can read it's no problem for someone using Windows to see a website running on a UNIX server and vice versa.

11. What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is a server operating system from Microsoft Corporation. Unlike, UNIX-based operating system, Windows Server offers ease of management through its interface. The Windows Sever web hosting environment supports major Web programming languages and databases such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET and MS SQL.

12. What steps do I have to take to get my business online?

Just simply send your business details – the who, why, what, and where about your business, then we begins to set out the website design and presentation to reflect your business image – you can review your new website online and we then perform a final edit if necessary.

13. My domain is already taken! What should I do?

The domain name that you want is already registered, simply select the backorder option. Your domain name will be monitored and we will attempt to secure if for you as soon as it expires. Our backorder service saves you time and increase your odds of securing the domain name when it expires. If you need a domain name right now, in addition to the backorder service, you could register alternate domains. Consider registering alternate domain name extensions, such as .cc, .to, .co.uk, .biz, .us, etc. Also, try variations of your name, including hyphens.Email forwarding allows you to forward your email from one email address to another. For example, email@yourdomain.com could be forwarded to your current email address, giving you the ability to receive all email at one address.

14. What is Email Forwarding and how does it work?

Email forwarding allows you to forward your email from one email address to another. For example, email@yourdomain.com could be forwarded to your current email address, giving you the ability to receive all email at one address.

15. Can I host multiple websites?

Yes, you can host multiple websites, but you will need to setup a separate website hosting plan for each website.

16. How do I update my website?

To update your website, you will need an FTP program. There are several great free programs available online, such as CuteFTP and WS_FTP. If you already have an FTP program, you simply FTP into your account and upload your new or updated html files. It's also possible to upload your files using FTP via your browser. Simply type the following address into your browser and it will ask you for the login info: ftp://ftp.yourdomain.com/yourdomain.com. Enter your login details and you're ready to upload!

17. Can I keep my current website address (domain) if I sign up to Web2host Web Hosting?

Yes, you will keep your current website address. From your visitors perspective nothing will change and your website will never be offline.

18. How can we transfer a website to Web2host Hosting?

The process is extremely simple and takes only a few minutes. You can keep your current domain name and your website will not go offline. We have step-by-step tutorials explaining everything that happens when you want to transfer your website

19. What’s the difference between “Shared” hosting and a “Dedicated” server?

Shared hosting is when multiple customers' websites are hosted on one server. A dedicated server is when you are the only customer on the server. You have full control over the server, and you can place as many websites on it as you like. The only websites on your dedicated server are yours. Most individuals use shared hosting, as it's much cheaper. By the way, "shared" hosting doesn't mean that other customers can access your code or control panel or anything like that. It simply means that, behind the scenes, there are other websites being hosted on the same server. Only the hosting provider will have admin access to all websites on the shared server.

20. What if I need to change my hosting plan later?

This isn't normally a problem. You should check with your hosting provider to see if your initial payment can go towards the new plan though.

21. What domains can be hosted on Web2host Servers?

All! Any type of domain with any country extension can be hosted on our servers.

22. What is your policy on spamming?

We practice Zero-Tolerance policy in case of spam. Anyone found sending unsolicited or unwanted emails (SPAM) from our servers will have his/her account suspended / deleted

23. What payment options are available?

Currently, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Visa Delta and Visa Purchasing. We also accept PayPal and direct wire transfers, for more information on this, please email sales.

24. I already have a domain registered and I don’t have any hosting yet, Can you host in your server?

If you already have a domain registered, you can simply select a hosting plan and specify that you will update your name server during the checkout, and complete the checkout process. After payment confirmation your hosting account will be automatically set up and all details will be sent to you in a welcome mail. You will get the name servers details in e-mail, and you will need to update the name servers for your domain at your domain management console from where you.

25. I am currently hosting my website with some other company, but I want to transfer it to your server?

After ordering your web hosting plan, you will need to submit us a ticket notifying us that you want us to transfer your website. You can do so after logging into your client area. After reviewing the information we will ask you for the control panel and other authentication details of your old hosting account. It will be needed by us to move your site to our server.

26. How long does it take to host my website?

We set up your hosting account within two hours after your payment is confirmed. You will recieve information about your hosting account in a welcome mail that is sent to you after your account is set up.